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VisualGA 2011 Updates

  • Added GA Recertification tracking
  • Added GA Income Affidavit Form

  • Added Client Decision Due Report (Caseload/Statistical)
  • Added Approval Date for Application Column option
  • Added Client grouping to Grant Distribution, Medical Distribution, and Work Program Expense Reports

  • Added Agencies under "Categories & Defaults".  They can be used for the GA Income Affidavit, Consent to Release of Information, and GA Referral Form.   Also, Vendors can be selected for these forms as well.

  • Added ability to search by Last Name, First Name (Doe, John) for global search.  Partial names are accepted (Do, Jo)

  • Added ability to print scheduled tasks for a given client (View Screenshot).  You can find this option under the Schedule Module... Print Scheduled Tasks.
  • Corrected bug with GA/EA allowing a user to issue a grant for a Denied client.

  • Added Client Account # on check in Memo section if applicable (Utilities)

  • Added ability to customize GA/EA Forms "Issued By" in User Profile.  This can be used to use an alternate name/alias that is presented on each form ie. "Mr. Herman", etc.  Note that for this to apply, the Administration Settings must have "Print Issued By" enabled for GA/EA Forms.

  • Added 2 grouping options under Work Program Reports/Job Training Assignments by Client & Workfare Assignments by Client Report.  These have been changed to Job Training Assigments by Client/Location & Workfare Assignments by Client/Location Report.  Under Group/Sort you can choose additional options: Client/Location (Group By Clients then Location) or Location/Client (Group By Location then Client)

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