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Client Flag Update

The Client Flag update in 7.23 adds three new colors in addition to the current red flag: Red, Blue, Green, and Purple.  You can use the different colors for different meanings.  For example, you might want to use the red flag to indicate a 'warning' for a troublesome client and you might want to use the blue flag to indicate the client is not in the township.

You can select how each flag is used (or not used) by selecting an option for each:

  • Not Used - The flag is not used and will not appear in the pull-down list when setting a Client Flag.
  • Alert - The flag is considered an alert, which will display the flag note in a pop-up window when the application is opened if the option to Display Client Alerts when opening an Application (refer to the image above) is selected in the administration console (under General and the Alerts/Flags tab).  A flag that is an alert automatically requires a flag note to be entered when setting the flag for a client.
  • Non Alert - Flag Note Required - The flag is not an alert but a flag note is required.
  • Non Alert - Flag Note Optional - The flag is not an alert (meaning it will not open in a new window) and a flag note is not required.  This option would be appropriate if highlighting the client as a visual clue is what is most important and a flag note is not.

You can optionally assign a Category Name for each flag color which will appear in the client flag color selection pull down and will also be prefixed to the flag itself if you hover over the flagged client name in the GA/EA/AA/IA screens.  A category name is not required but may be helpful, at least initially, to help your caseworkers distinguish one flag from another.


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