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W9 Status for Shelter Vendors
If you want to be able to track the W9 Status for a Shelter Vendor (landlord), you can do so by checking or unchecking the "W9 Received" box within the Vendor record.  Additionally, if you want a prompt  a user when a landlord whose W9 has not been received and is being issed a disbursement, you will want to select this option in the Administration Console.

Start by going into the Admin Console and under Disbursements, choose the tab titled "Vendor Options".  Click Display prompt when W9 has not been received for Shelter Vendors if you desire.  By default all Vendors do NOT have the "W9 Received" box checked, and you will receive a warning message every time you try to issue a disbursement.  What might be easier is to click the button Set W9 status to 'Received' for Shelter Vendors.  You will be presented with two options: 1) Set the W9 status for a landlord to 'Received' for Active/In-Process/Inquiry clients ONLY, or to set the W9 status for a landlord to 'Received' for ALL clients.   Note that if you choose Active/In-Process/Inquiry clients only, that the landlord is determined by the landlord selected on the Contact Information page - not prior disbursements.

Finally, since most townships require a yearly resubmittal of a W9, you may want VisualGA to reset the W9 status to 'Not Received' at a certain time.  Usually this is the beginning of the year or the beginning of the fiscal year.  To do so, choose a month in the Reset W9 status to 'Not Received' every area.  Every year, on the first of the month you selected, VisualGA will reset all Shelter Vendors' W9 status to 'Not Received' (it will uncheck the 'W9 Received' box under the Vendor record).

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To generate a report that displays all Outstanding (i.e. 'Not Received') W9's for Active/In-Process/Inquiry clients, go to Reports, Accounting Reports, and you will find a Report titled Vendor (Shelter) Outstanding W9 Report.


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