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The SMS Notification Module is available for purchase as an add-on package to VisualGA. Contact us if you would like more information.
For further instruction, there is an in depth How-To guide under VisualGA Help topics.
SMS Module Introduction
In this video we will introduce the SMS Notification Module and show you the SMS Module setup, SMS Client Authorization, and how VisualGA sends and syncs SMS messages.

SMS Module Setup
In this video we review the SMS Module setup and customization including SMS eligible Task Categories, SMS Subjects, Additional Assistance Grant Pickups, and the Application Form Checklist.

SMS Authorization
Before we can send SMS Notifications to a client, we must first receive written consent via the SMS Authorization Form. In this video we review the SMS Authorization process starting with the SMS Authorization Form itself, and how those details can be recorded for a client. We discuss the visual indicators depicting the Authorization status for a client, how multiple clients using the same SMS phone are handled, and how to resubscribe a client who has previously unsubscribed.

Sending SMS Notifications
In this video we start with an overview of the SMS module settings and proceed to generating SMS notifications for scheduled tasks and additional assistance grant pickups. We also review the SMS synchronization process and the status indicators for pending, delivered, and failed SMS notifications.

SMS Reports
In this video we show you the SMS Notifications report, the SMS Authorization report, and the SMS Unsubscribed List report.


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